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Complex Divorce Situations

Diane Neumann specializes in mediating highly complex financial divorce situations. One important area of Diane's expertise is working with couples where one spouse is a high income earner and the other spouse has been a homemaker or has limited income.

Complex divorce situations often include the following:

  • A high income-earning spouse while the other spouse will require support
  • One person has significantly more financial expertise as well as higher income
  • A business, including sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations, both C and Subchapter S corporations
  • The need for tax analysis in the determination of alimony/support payments
  • Consideration of asset transfer/sale to minimize capital gains consequences.
  • Complex compensation packages; restricted stock, stock options, deferred income, etc.
  • Mistrust and/or disagreement on any number of significant issues
  • Multiple real estate holdings, including vacation homes
  • Investment real estate
  • Trusts
  • Significant inheritance or premarital assets
  • Individual and/or family assets with a net value in excess of one million
  • A defined benefit pension plan

These complex situations often tie up the adversarial attorney settlement negotiations for months and even years. Diane will work with you and your spouse to insure that you both have the understanding required to make fully informed decisions. All documents required for filing a no-fault, uncontested divorce in Massachusetts Probate and Family Court are prepared by Diane Neumann.

For over twenty-five years, judges in Massachusetts divorce courts have praised the fair and equitable divorce agreements from our firm, including those in which one spouse has greater financial knowledge.

Diane provides a confidential, supportive and less expensive method for reaching your divorce settlement.



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