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Additional Services

We offer a full range of mediation services for couples and families. Please call us for further information.

Web-Based Mediation
Web-based mediation services are available to all of our clients, and are especially useful for clients who have difficulty traveling to our office for mediation sessions, due to distance or a busy schedule. <more information>

Disagreements After Divorce
Post divorce mediation occurs when ex-spouses have a disagreement concerning one or more issues arising from their divorce. Examples are custody of a minor child, payment of college costs, adjustments in the amount of alimony payments. The disagreement may be a private dispute between ex-spouses or it may be a dispute in which legal action has been initiated. The mediator will assist both of you in reaching an agreed upon resolution. <more information>

Pre-Nuptial Mediation
Before exchanging vows, many people have questions concerning how marriage will affect their financial situations. Prenuptial agreements allow you to define what the two of you think would be fair and reasonable as you plan for your marriage. Prenuptial agreements give the two of you the opportunity to decide for yourselves what will happen to your marital property upon the death of either spouse or divorce.

Child Development Specialist
Parents may schedule a consultation with our on-site psychologist, Dr. Lynn Cooper, at any time. Dr. Cooper is a specialist in child development, children's adjustment to divorce and successful parenting arrangements.

Online Mediation Services
Diane Neumann & Associates is one of a select group of Massachusetts firms that provide clients the opportunity to mediate via the Internet, using e-mail, document sharing and online meeting technology. The use of these services allows clients to reduce the time spent in a mediation appointment. We began this service in response to the numerous requests by clients to provide the latest in communication and facilitation.

Marital Agreements
Already married couples may wish to create agreements to define what will happen to assets in the event of divorce, update a pre-nuptial agreement, address a significant change in the financial circumstances of one or both spouses, or simply create agreements regarding recurring financial issues in the marital relationship. The mediator will offer a safe place to discuss difficult issues and provide critical information for a fair and understandable agreement.

Same Sex Separation or Divorce
Married or unmarried same sex couples may use mediation to define the terms of their separation and/or divorce, including the division of assets and liabilities, custody and parenting schedules, support, and all other relevant decisions. Mediation offers a way to negotiate the legal and emotional maze of separation and/or divorce in a fair manner.

Mediation Training
Diane Neumann is a founding member of Divorce Mediation Training Associates, one of the oldest and most experienced divorce mediation training organizations in the country. If you are professional interested in the field of divorce mediation, please visit our web site for upcoming training opportunities.


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