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Disagreements After Divorce
(Post-Divorce Mediation)

Post divorce mediation occurs when ex-spouses have a disagreement concerning one or more issues arising from their divorce. Examples include custody of a minor child, payment of college costs, adjustments in the amount of alimony payment, issues involved in the transfer of real estate, and others (for more information, choose topic from list to the left). The disagreement may be a private dispute between ex-spouses or it may be a dispute in which legal action has been initiated. The mediator will not force any decision upon you. Instead, the mediator will assist both of you in reaching an agreed upon resolution.

Post-Divorce mediation includes both joint and individual sessions. A joint session means that both clients meet with the mediator. An individual session means that each of you meet separately with the mediator. You may consult with attorneys or other professionals at any time during the course of your mediation, although this is not required. The first appointment is scheduled for two hours.

Upon reaching agreement, the mediator shall prepare a written document, which, depending on your situation, may be a Memorandum of Agreement, a Court Modification, or an Amendment or an Addendum. Upon each of you signing the document, it is legally binding.


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