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Real Estate Disputes

Real estate transactions on jointly owned property that occur after the finalization of divorce are complex and can create unexpected disagreements. Mediation can successfully address disputes concerning:

  • Transfer of title/deed to the property
  • Responsibility for outstanding lien(s) or mortgage(s) on the property
  • Responsibility for outstanding balances on equity line(s) of credit on the property
  • Determining the fair market value of a property for future buy-out
  • Determining the split of net proceeds for a sale, taking into account post-divorce investments by one or both parties for maintenance and/or improvements to the property
  • Responsibility for payment of tax on capital gains
  • Division of personal property (furniture, appliances, etc.) at the time of sale
  • Costs and time associated with preparing a property for sale
  • Choosing a realtor for sale of a jointly owned property



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