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Frequently Asked Questions

How does divorce mediation work?
What are the benefits of using a mediator?
When is a good time to start mediation?
Our financial situation is very complex. My friends have advised me not to use mediation because of my situation. What should I do?
Are Massachusetts mediators licensed?
How long does mediation take?
Why do we need a mediator?
What Massachusetts counties does Diane Neumann & Associates serve?
How much child support will I have to pay or receive?
What is the Massachusetts law on alimony?
Are sessions confidential?
Does the firm of Diane Neumann & Associates require a retainer?
What does divorce mediation cost?
Can we do our own divorce? We have 3 young children and donít have a lot of money to spend on lawyers.
My husband wants to save money and said that we can both hire the same lawyer. I told him that I never heard of that, but my husband said we should do it. Should I go along with this?
What if our mortgage is more than our house is worth? How do we divorce if we can't sell it?
Can we just go to court and tell the judge that we want a divorce?
Will I get a better settlement if I go to trial?
If we use an attorney mediator, do we still need another lawyer?
Last night, my husband told me heís in love with another woman. Iíve heard that I can divorce him because of adultery. Is this true?
My wife told me that she wants a divorce. Do I have to give her one?
Is there any risk in using mediation?



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