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Financial Dispute

Many disagreements can arise over financial arrangements after divorce, either because the divorce or separation agreement leaves room for renegotiation, is unclear, or simply doesn't address a financial situation that arises after your divorce is final.

The types of financial disagreements that mediation can effectively address include:

  • Child Support & Expenses
    • A change in child support payments due to a significant increase or decrease in the income of one or both parents
    • Disagreement or need for negotiation of the payment of extraordinary child expenses, such as camp, private school, travel, or special activities
    • Unexpected uninsured medical expenses for children
    • A change in the premium for a medical insurance policy that covers the children of the marriage
  • Obligation for the payment of post-secondary undergraduate expenses for the child(ren)
  • Medical Insurance Premiums for insurance that covers a former spouse under Massachusetts Statutes
  • Federal or State Tax Liabilities or Tax Refunds for prior joint tax returns
  • Alterations to Spousal Support
  • Disagreements over the amount of life insurance required as part of a child support or spousal support order

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