Child Development Specialists

Diane Neumann & Associates uses the services of several well-known and experienced child specialists to consult with her clients on an as-needed basis. Clients may request a consultation at any point before or during their mediation with one of these professionals. Upon the approval of both parents, our firm policy allows the child specialist to be present during part or all of the mediation session.The child specialist is available to meet with one or both parents, parents and the children, or the children alone, based on the approval of the parents. Many parents have found the assistance of the child specialist invaluable in helping them to create a parenting plan that is flexible, rather than the customary court-ordered plans. The ages, personality and temperament of your children have an impact on the type of arrangements which you may choose to implement. The final parenting schedule will be determined by the parents as you will be the ones who have the major contribution to the schedule. Note that each of the mediators is also well-versed in the developmental areas of children and are an invaluable resource in helping you to create a parenting plan for your divorce.

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