Web-Based Services

A new benefit for clients

Some mediation clients live or are traveling out of state and find it difficult to attend in-person mediation sessions, and these clients prefer the convenience of video conferencing. For those of you who prefer video conferencing, Diane Neumann & Associates offers web based mediation services. Through a simple interface, video-conferencing technology is available to anyone with a computer and moderate to fast internet connection. With this technology you are able to have visual as well as verbal communication with your mediator.

As video conferencing allows visual as well as verbal communication, which is critical to effective intervention – it allows the mediator to immediately address difficult situations that may arise, without needing to schedule an office visit. It has been proven to keep negotiations on track when disagreements threaten to derail the mediation process. Along with electronic sharing of documents and email, Diane Neumann & Associates allows clients a high degree of efficiency in their mediation without sacrificing the quality and long-term durability of the final divorce settlement.