“You are truly an amazing individual and someone who brings honor and the highest caliber of professionalism to an extremely challenging and demanding role. For both of us this has been one the most emotionally taxing processes we have every experienced. Through each step your steady patient guidance got us through. And although there were many times when it looked like we were at the brink of stopping and walking out – you never wavered and together we forged on.”    
Andy R.

Married 23 years

Wellesley, MA

“Everything went well, and Judge Angela Ordonez said that ‘our divorce settlement agreement was very thorough.’  Thank you so much for such a great job in preparing our divorce settlement agreement.”
Marlon P.

Married 19 years

Marlborough, MA

 “Everything went smoothly at court today.  After filing, we were sent to another courtroom to see the judge.  We were well prepared.  There were several people turned away at the courthouse because either their paperwork was not in order or it was not signed by a notary, and one person did not have a certified copy of their marriage certificate.  Just when they thought they could file for divorce and be done, they now need to complete their package and start over again with each other on another day – adding to an already very uncomfortable situation.  There were also some people turned away at the courthouse- I couldn’t hear why.  So we were there at 7:30 a.m., first in line to file, then off to the other building.  All of our paperwork was in order, and we were out by 10:30.  Thank you for making our divorce easier.”

Terri W.

Married 30 years

Waltham, MA

“It was very nice meeting with you, even under such sad circumstances.  You did your job well and with great professionalism.  We really appreciated you sticking with us and getting us through this difficult time.”

Lori R.

Married 22 years

Newton, MA

“I want to thank you for being so patient, kind and respectful with all that transpired in your office and in our many phone calls with you. It was one of the most heartbreaking times to go through, but, as you said, there will be future times we still have to be in each other’s company, and, of course, there already is as we are going to be grandparents again in April!  Life is sooo funny sometimes!  Take care and thanks again so much for all your services.”

Barbara G.

Married 33 years

Rockland, MA

“I want to add that I believe you made the process as stress-free and worry-free as possible in a situation like his, because you took care of everything.  I also chose your firm over others because you are both a mediator and a lawyer, so it cut down on another layer, and in other expenses.  You were fair and I believe your motive was to find the most equitable, fair, and reasonable outcome for both sides.”

Karen E.

Married 2 years

Boston, MA

“We did go to court on July 31st and it went fine. We waited about 15 minutes and the judge called us up.  I think her name was Judge Monks.  She was very nice, all business but pleasant. She asked us a lot of yes/no questions confirming the information in our paperwork.  We took about 10 minutes in front of her.  She asked us more questions than I thought she would, but nothing difficult.  The questions were things like do we confirm that everything in the paperwork was true and accurate.  She asked me if I believed Jay’s information was correct and she asked Jay if he thought my information was correct, things like that.  We arrived shortly before the courthouse opened and we were out of there about 11 am.  Thanks very much for your help, it all went very smoothly.”

Marianne G.

Married 17 years

Cambridge, MA

“We had our court date yesterday.  It went well; we are “divorced” now.  It will be final in 120 days. I wanted to let you know that the judge was VERY impressed by the Separation Agreement.  She said it was really thorough and that there was definitely a lot of time put into it.  She also commended us on our parenting plan and the flexibility we have with each other.  She said it was really great to see and hear that we are committed to working as a team for the kids.  Thank you again for your help!”

Michael R.

Married 14 years,

Newburyport, MA

“Just wanted you to know how really good your mediators are.  This is the only experience I’ve ever had and, hopefully, that will be that, but he made a lousy situation into a do-able process.  Both my ex- and I have had numerous conversations both during our mediation and thereafter, and we both agree that he was really good on various levels.”

Kerrie K.

Married 24 years

Wrentham, MA


I appreciate the way you helped me know that pension belongs to both of us.  Really, you know that once you explained it to Jim, he agreed.  My friend Joanne told me that she wished she had used your firm because she never got any of her husband’s pension because her lawyer said she could waive it.”

Denise M.

Married 18 years

“Last night, Sam told me that he was glad his mom and I went to mediation so he didn’t end up like Jeremy.”

Robert S.

Married 13 years

“I thought I understood taxes; but you knew that actually, I need more specific information about how much I could deduct.  Thanks for saving Jenny and I almost $10,000.”

Brian T.

Married 6 years 

As parents living in Florida, with our daughter getting divorced in Massachusetts, it was so very difficult to sit on the sidelines and watch the agonizing process. We were extremely gratified and thankful for your calm, dedicated efforts through the course of the mediation. Since we were unable to be there during the lengthy process, we are so grateful that you were. Your calm, courteous, professional services at both convenient and inconvenient times helped in countless ways. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR EFFORTS and know that they meant the world to us. We feel our daughter could not have had any better help getting her life back.

Rich M & Linn C-M, Florida

I truly appreciate everything you did to get this to come to a closer.  You did a great job getting us through the process and preparing us for court.

Jane E., Norton, MA