Client Goals

Separating and Divorcing Clients

Since 1981, our firm has assisted clients in reaching fair separation and divorce agreements. Our mediators help to minimize the emotional upset of divorce by providing structure, disseminating information, taking part in the discussion, and encouraging each person to be respectful of the other. In all situations, our goals are the same as yours: that you make informed decisions, conserve your financial resources, and minimize emotional upset.

Studies show that mediation results in:

  • A fair divorce settlement for each person
  • A mediation process which reduces anger, especially concerning the financial aspects of support for one party
  • A reasonable custody discussion, in which parents are able to discuss what’s best for each child
  • A result regarding the the marital residence which satisfies each party
  • Significant financial and tax savings for each person
  • Lower costs than an attorney-driven collaborative divorce
  • A divorce settlement in less time than a litigated one
  • Better parenting arrangements
  • Improved relationships between a child and their parents
  • A comprehensive support agreement that eliminates the need for future court proceedings