Health Insurance

Health Insurance for a former spouse

The issue of health insurance for a former spouse is an extremely important issue in divorce settlements. The cost of health insurance is expensive, and the cost rises significantly as the parties age. A spouse may or may not be required to maintain health insurance for their former spouse. There are two sets of laws that govern the eligibility of a former spouse to receive health insurance; the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Federal law, known as COBRA. Your mediator has extensive knowledge concerning the area of health insurance eligibility for a former spouse, as this area has become extremely important in the last decade and will most likely become more important as the cost of insurance continues to increase. Read more about this important issue here.

Health Insurance for children

One parent is inevitably required to maintain health insurance for a child as long as the child is eligible. The divorce agreement must consider the following issues;

  • Responsibility for the premium
  • Loss of employment and insurance benefits
  • A significant increase in premium costs
  • Circumstances where a less expensive policy is available through the parent not obligated to maintain health insurance