Custody/Parenting Plan

Parenting Plan is our preferred word

There are two kinds of legal custody for a minor child; joint legal custody and sole legal custody. Your mediator will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each type of custody and you and your spouse will be able to choose the custody which best fits your circumstances.

As mediators, we respect the time and involvement of each parent, and, therefore, we use the term “parenting plan,” rather than the word “visitation,” a word which many people find offensive.

Clients often seek the assistance of our firm’s child psychologist to answer specific questions regarding their children, such as the appropriate way to tell their child about the divorce, or the best parenting arrangement for their children, or the way to handle a child who is having difficulty coping with a new separation.

Your mediator will assist with the following:

  • A routine parenting schedule for your children
  • A vacation and holiday schedule for the times that parents and children will be together
  • The court requires that parents submit an agenda for travel outside of Massachusetts with a child and your mediator will explain the specifics of what must be included in your divorce agreement
  • Whether or not both parents may attend a child’s activity at the same time, such as soccer or school play

At Diane Neumann & Associates, we will write your new parenting plan or assist you with modifications to your Divorce Agreement.